7 Benefits of Owning a Pickup Truck

benefits-of-owning-a-pickup-truck-denver-1Colorado’s love affair with the pickup truck has only become more passionate.

Although total U.S. auto sales eased slightly last year, automakers sold 2.8 million full and mid-size pickup trucks in 2017, a 4.8% increase over the prior year. Pickup trucks now account for 16.4% of U.S. auto sales. That’s up from 15.3 % in 2016.

Used truck registrations in Colorado were up even more, at 17%.

Today’s pickups are safer and more comfortable, and sales to women and families are on the rise. Could one be right for you?

If you’re wondering about the reasons to buy a pickup truck, or you’re curious about the benefits of owning a pickup truck, you’ve come to the right place!

We sell a lot of trucks here at Dye Autos in the Wheat Ridge/Denver area and we’ve found that our customers really love their trucks, and are often surprised by how resourceful they are. Here are 7 benefits you’ll enjoy when you own a pickup truck.

1. Versatile

Pickup trucks support all kinds of activity.

All it takes is a couch or armoire that needs to be moved from “here” to “there,” and next thing you know, you’re thinking you really should own a pickup truck.

But there are so many other activities the a pickup truck is perfect for:

  • Perfect weekend adventure vehicle.
  • The power to tow whatever you need.
  • Haul everything from groceries to lumber to tools.
  • A camper’s dream.
  • Pickup trucks help you work hard and when it’s time to relax, they help you do that too!

Think of all the incredibly cool things you could be doing with a pickup truck that are impossible with the car you’re now driving.

2. Safety.

While all vehicles these days are loaded with safety technologies such as airbags and side impact beams, driving a pickup truck is still a safer bet. Why? Sitting up high offers great visibility of the road and other drivers.

Most pickup trucks are heavier than a coupe or sedan and many SUVs. Physics will tell you that when two objects collide, mass does matter. Pickup trucks are the larger of the two vehicles, thereby increasing the chance that you’ll walk away unharmed.

There are studies to back this up. “In its studies, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has found that a heavier vehicle will typically push a lighter one backward during the impact,” explains Edmunds.com. “As a result, there is less force on the occupants of the heavier vehicle and more on those in the lighter vehicle, according to IIHS. The organization’s fatality data bears this out.”

3. Hauling and towing.

Most people think of hauling and towing things first when they consider getting a truck. It’s one of the biggest benefits of owning a pickup truck – the ability to throw a lot of stuff in the back or haul a heavy trailer. You can transport all your stuff and not have to bug someone else for help or rent a truck. It’s one of the defining arguments in the truck vs SUV debate.

To choose the best pickup for towing, truck shoppers should consider the factors that contribute to towing capability. Start by asking yourself two simple questions will help you narrow your choices:

  1. What do you plan to tow?
  2. How will you use your pickup when you’re not towing?

If you’ll often use your pickup without the trailer, you’ll want to choose a vehicle that suits those needs, too. You’ll want to choose a lighter or more-efficient pickup that’s able to handle your trailer but is also a ride that you can live with every day.

4. Respect.

It might seem funny, but people treat you differently when you roll up in a truck. If you don’t believe that, try renting one for a week and see for yourself.

People will treat you like a confident, self-assured individual who isn’t afraid to get your hands dirty. You’ll get called “boss” by random strangers, something they’d never say if you had just climbed out of a sedan.

Be warned that there’s a downside to all that respect, because people might respect you enough to ask for help moving.

5. Perfect weekend adventure vehicle.

Even though they’re a bit softer on the inside, pickup trucks are still designed to conquer difficult terrain. No matter what the road conditions, a modern pickup truck can push through and get you to your destination.

Whether you need to traverse an off-road trail to get to your favorite remote campsite or pound snowdrifts into submission to get to the ski resort, a good, properly equipped pickup can get you there.

6. Luxury.

Today’s pickup trucks come with all the creature comforts you see on luxury car models.

The benefit of driving a pickup truck is that if you have a family or want to take a group of people with you, you don’t have to contend with cramped rear seats. Models with cabs make it easy for adults to get in and out. The middle rear seat isn’t some pathetic cushion only large enough for a teddy bear – it can accommodate a full-grown adult.

Legroom, headroom and shoulder room are also ample, which is a luxury you just don’t get in many vehicles.

7. More bang for your buck.

Pickup trucks are affordable. Used pickup truck models are especially affordable and often retain their value. At Dye Autos, we’ve got a large inventory of affordable pickup trucks for every budget.

Are you ready to take advantage of all these pickup truck benefits? Call us at (303) 286-1665.