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5 Things to Know Before You Buy a Pickup Truck This Spring

By Dye Autos / April 5, 2018 / Comments Off on 5 Things to Know Before You Buy a Pickup Truck This Spring


It’s Springtime and as the weather gets warmer, many consumers decide it’s time to buy a pickup truck. You may be considering how a new pickup truck will look in your garage too so let’s talk about the things you need to know before you buy.

At first glance, shopping for a pickup truck might seem a lot like shopping for a car. Pick a color, engine, trim and you’re set, right? But once you consider all the special uses for pickup trucks and the growing number of styles and options, you can quickly get lost in a maze of choices.

Here, then, is how to make truck shopping easier. If you understand the big picture and narrow your options logically, you can more easily find the right truck for you.

1. Know What You Plan on Carrying or Hauling

How you plan to use the truck will guide you to your final choice. Your answers will narrow the field by helping you choose between two- and four-wheel drive. For example, if you are towing a boat or Jet Ski, you might need four-wheel drive to gain traction on slippery boat ramps. If you’re a couple who want to pull a very large mobile home, you might need a “dually” (two rear wheels per side) for towing stability.

2. Choose from Light-Duty, Medium-Duty or Heavy-Duty

Once you know what you’ll tow, find out how much it weighs and be sure to include the weight of the trailer, too. This information will help you choose between a light-duty and heavy-duty truck. Trucks divided into light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty categories, identified by numbers such as 1500, 2500 and 3500 or 150, 250 and 350. For example, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and the Ford F-150 both have impressive towing capacities, but they are considered light-duty trucks.

Sizing the truck properly is important. If you skimp on power, the truck might have trouble hauling what you need. If you buy more truck than you need, it will cost more at purchase and every time you fill up. Plus, you’ll have a harder time fitting into parking lots or tight driveways.

ProTip: Ask your dealer. Dye Autos has helped many, many customers figure out what the best option is for their unique needs.

3. If you’re planning on trading in your old vehicle, get it ‘trade in ready’.

  • Check your trade-in’s value.
  • Know where you stand on your loan.
  • Clean it up.
  • Get your paperwork in order

4. Do the numbers.

When you’re ready to buy a pickup truck, you’ll need to research loan options. There are often attractive programs from your local dealership with better interest rates than you’re able to get at your local bank or credit union.

If you’ve experienced challenges with your credit history, it will bump you out of the top tiers of borrowers. Keep your expectations in check because truck lenders have very specific criteria you must meet.

5. Get Pre-Approved

This fast and easy process lets you choose how much you want to borrow based on the type of truck you’re looking for. Pre-approved truck financing with DYE Autos is just a click away. Visit this link >>>here<<< to get pre-approved.

We’ll put our experience to work for you.

We’re here to make your journey to buy a pickup truck simple and easy. Once you complete the short online application, one of our helpful finance specialists will contact you to discuss available financing options, including the amount you’re qualified to finance.

“If it’s a truck you wanna buy, you’d better call DYE!”

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Paying Cash vs Financing a Car: Which is Better?

By Dye Autos / March 1, 2018 / Comments Off on Paying Cash vs Financing a Car: Which is Better?

paying-cash-vs-financing-car-better-1It’s time for you to get a new car or truck, and you’re weighing your financing options. It seems like such a simple decision. If you have enough money to pay cash for a new car, should you do it? While that can be a smart choice, it’s not always the right option. Here are the pros and cons of paying cash vs financing a car.

Before we get into the question of cash versus financing, a little background is in order for car shoppers who haven’t had much experience buying a new car.

If that sounds like you, here’s the deal: When it comes to buying a car or truck, you generally have two ways to go. You can either finance the car, which means you pay it off over time, or you can pay cash, which means you buy the vehicle outright as if you’re picking up a new pair of sneakers at the store and handing the clerk your debit card.

The advantage to financing is that you’ll usually end up with a better car than if you’re paying with cash. How? Here’s why.

Let’s say your car budget is $8,000. You can buy a used car if you pay in full. However, if you use that $8,000 as a down payment on a new car, you can expand your automotive horizons greatly. If you have good credit, you can easily afford many new models.

The drawback is that you’ll need to make monthly payments in order to pay off the loan that allowed you to buy the newer, more expensive vehicle. Included in those payments is interest, which is a fee you pay the bank for allowing you to borrow the money in the first place.

Cash isn’t necessarily better.

Buying a car with cash is generally preferable to financing, but there are many situations in which that’s not the case.

Most people don’t have cash to spend on a car. If you’re like many Americans, there’s never enough cash on hand to layout on a car or truck. If you have good credit, interest rates are still low and that cash might be better saved for a rainy day.

If you have bad credit, paying cash could ruin your chances to re-establish your credit. Use some of your cash for a down payment and finance the balance to show lenders you’re serious about repairing your credit.

Here are the pros and cons of paying cash vs financing a car.

Paying Cash


  • Save money because you won’t be paying finance costs.
  • Peace of mind in knowing you own your vehicle.
  • Convenience of no monthly payments.


  • Losing out on the other opportunities to leverage your cash. You may be able to earn returns on your money if you were to invest it instead of making car payments.
  • You’re missing an opportunity to build a more positive credit score.
  • If this is all the cash you have on hand, you’ll not have a “nest egg” around for emergencies.

Financing a Car (Getting a Car Loan)


  • Rates are still low for those with good credit.
  • Rates are also still lower for those with bad credit (but higher than for those with good credit).
  • Build and/or re-establish your creditworthiness.
  • Have cash available to invest elsewhere and increase income.
  • Peace of mind knowing you’ve got cash available should something unexpected happen.


  • Pay more for the car because of financing costs.
  • Time investment recommended for researching lenders and dealerships who can help with financing.
  • Paying the monthly payments.


Dye Autos has been helping customers like you with car loans for many years. We’ve got over 70 years experience in auto loan financing and we’re here to help. Call us at (303) 286-1665 or simply use our easy contact form >>here<<.

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Easy auto loans at dyeautos.com

By scott / January 21, 2017 / Comments Off on Easy auto loans at dyeautos.com

Easy autos loans for you at dyeautos.com

Easy auto loans are our focus at dyeautos.com.  We know the second biggest financial decision is to buy automobile next to a house.  There are a ton of factors that are involved in buying a used car.  Price is not always the leading factor. Price is important but interest rates, number of payments,  amount of payments, taxes other factors should part of the overall decision.    This easy auto loan process can let us know ahead of time what vehicle price range makes most sense for your budget.  Here is a link to get easy auto loans that link to our “Credit application”  tab on our webpage:


We work with CUDL and CUDC which hold the majority of local credit unions that have the best interest rates available depending on your credit score.  Credit Unions like Bellco, Public Service, Credit Union of Colorado, Coors, Credit Union of Denver, Sooper Credit Union and many other credit unions are members of these two organizations.  Many of our customers have preapproval letters that we welcome from Navy Federal, Security Services , Air Academy and more.  We also have several banks we work with like Chase, Wells Fargo, Regional, Westlake Financial and more…helping us get you an easy auto loan

Easy auto loans

Get approved today with our easy auto loans!


Easy auto loans

After applying for an easy auto loan to find a credit score we can determine an interest rate once you pick a qualified vehicle.   The vehicles age, miles and value will help determine the interest rate along with your credit score.  Many people think an older and “cheaper” vehicle will have a good payment.  Currently, 2010 and up vehicles have better rates than vehicle 2009 and older.  2010 vehicles can qualify for loan terms as long as 84 months if the barrower has good credit and the loan balance is high.  2009 and older vehicles can be restricted to 48 month terms or buyers with poor credit scores can be restricted to even shorter terms.  These rates and terms are subject bank approval and each bank has their own guidelines to follow.  So, If you want to know you interest rate there are number a factors that have to be explored before that can discovered.  The document that clearly state the interest rate, payment, amount of interest and term is the Retail installment Contract which is also the contract with you and the bank you are receiving a loan from.  Remember the bank is receiving the interest and payments you are giving to them in return for a loan.  The dealer uses this to facilitate the sales and helping you get an easy auto loan.

We love to sell you nice quality affordable vehicles and help get the best rates to make your payments affordable.  We make the auto loan process easy again with our easy autos loans.  Click to see our inventory at start your journey to your next great vehicle We have over hundred vehicles in stock for sale.  https://www.dyeautos.com/inventory/Used/



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