5 Things to Know Before You Buy a Pickup Truck This Spring


It’s Springtime and as the weather gets warmer, many consumers decide it’s time to buy a pickup truck. You may be considering how a new pickup truck will look in your garage too so let’s talk about the things you need to know before you buy.

At first glance, shopping for a pickup truck might seem a lot like shopping for a car. Pick a color, engine, trim and you’re set, right? But once you consider all the special uses for pickup trucks and the growing number of styles and options, you can quickly get lost in a maze of choices.

Here, then, is how to make truck shopping easier. If you understand the big picture and narrow your options logically, you can more easily find the right truck for you.

1. Know What You Plan on Carrying or Hauling

How you plan to use the truck will guide you to your final choice. Your answers will narrow the field by helping you choose between two- and four-wheel drive. For example, if you are towing a boat or Jet Ski, you might need four-wheel drive to gain traction on slippery boat ramps. If you’re a couple who want to pull a very large mobile home, you might need a “dually” (two rear wheels per side) for towing stability.

2. Choose from Light-Duty, Medium-Duty or Heavy-Duty

Once you know what you’ll tow, find out how much it weighs and be sure to include the weight of the trailer, too. This information will help you choose between a light-duty and heavy-duty truck. Trucks divided into light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty categories, identified by numbers such as 1500, 2500 and 3500 or 150, 250 and 350. For example, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and the Ford F-150 both have impressive towing capacities, but they are considered light-duty trucks.

Sizing the truck properly is important. If you skimp on power, the truck might have trouble hauling what you need. If you buy more truck than you need, it will cost more at purchase and every time you fill up. Plus, you’ll have a harder time fitting into parking lots or tight driveways.

ProTip: Ask your dealer. Dye Autos has helped many, many customers figure out what the best option is for their unique needs.

3. If you’re planning on trading in your old vehicle, get it ‘trade in ready’.

  • Check your trade-in’s value.
  • Know where you stand on your loan.
  • Clean it up.
  • Get your paperwork in order

4. Do the numbers.

When you’re ready to buy a pickup truck, you’ll need to research loan options. There are often attractive programs from your local dealership with better interest rates than you’re able to get at your local bank or credit union.

If you’ve experienced challenges with your credit history, it will bump you out of the top tiers of borrowers. Keep your expectations in check because truck lenders have very specific criteria you must meet.

5. Get Pre-Approved

This fast and easy process lets you choose how much you want to borrow based on the type of truck you’re looking for. Pre-approved truck financing with DYE Autos is just a click away. Visit this link >>>here<<< to get pre-approved.

We’ll put our experience to work for you.

We’re here to make your journey to buy a pickup truck simple and easy. Once you complete the short online application, one of our helpful finance specialists will contact you to discuss available financing options, including the amount you’re qualified to finance.

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