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Useful Tips to Make Your Truck Camping Trip Awesome!

By Dye Autos / August 2, 2018 / Comments Off on Useful Tips to Make Your Truck Camping Trip Awesome!

tips-to-make-your-truck-camping-trip-awesome-1There’s a lot of cool things a truck can do like haul your stuff, tow your trailer or boat, and be your work partner. But there’s a great way to “get off the grid” for awhile with truck camping.

Colorado has so much to offer and the best road trips happen in a pickup truck.

The mention of truck camping can elicit weird looks from some people but for those that have tried it, it’s pretty awesome.

If you’ve trekked the most challenging, beautiful trails out there and camped like nobody’s business, you might be tired of camping in the same camping tent all the time and want a change.

If you’re looking for something new and refreshing in the hiking world, it’s time to pack a pickup truck and hit the great outdoors for some truck camping.

For those unfamiliar with the benefits of truck camping, have no fear. We’ve got some compelling tips to introduce you to this new road trip option.

What is truck camping?

Truck camping is simply camping inside your vehicle instead of in a tent, be it a pickup truck with a topper or a simple SUV. Some people prefer roof top tents or pickup truck and canopy combos, but it all stems from your truck as the place you sleep.

Truck camping is super affordable.

Staying in hotels for any length of time can be expensive. Camping isn’t free most places but $25 per night is a steal compared to hotels. You can save your money for dinner and drinks!

The ideal sleeping setup.

There are different truck camping options ranging from a roof top tent, a truck bed camper, a pickup/canopy combo, or even a truck bed tent.

You’ll most likely have sleeping bags or a comforter but if you plan to sleep in the bed, you’ll definitely want something cushy underneath you. A tri-fold mattress is a good choice. It won’t take up a lot of headroom and it will let you sleep comfortably.

Unless the third person is a small child, two is the most you’ll be able to comfortably fit in your truck.

Truck camping beats tent camping.

When compared with tent camping, truck camping has many advantages.

  • If the weather is challenging once you arrive, it’s not going to be fun setting up a tent. Your truck stays nice and dry and requires very little set up.
  • No worries about animals visiting you during the night.
  • Your truck bed is soft and even so you won’t be sleeping on a rock.
  • Trucks are built to keep out noises so it will be more quiet.

Enjoy more time in nature.

Truck camping is one of the best ways to get out there on the road and have a good time. You’ll have experiences you’d never have if you stayed in a hotel or AirBnB.

Think of the adventures you’ll have…and the stories you’ll be able to tell!

Fresh air, rain and bugs.

Two bodies in a vehicle can get pretty warm when the windows are fully closed.  If it’s already warm out, the added heat will make it too hot to sleep in. Two people breathing creates lots of moisture as well. The only way around this is to let fresh air in by having a window open, even if it’s just an inch. The problem is that an inch is a lot when it’s raining, and it’s enough to let bugs of all sizes in as well.

You can solve these problems by adding an Auto Vent Shade:

  • It allows the windows to be cracked without letting the rain get in.
  • It keeps the truck cooler when parked on hot days.
  •  The windows look fully closed because the vent shade hides the fact that they are open at the top.
  • Bugs don’t seem to find their way in with the windows cracked, but if you’re particularly worried about mosquitos or spiders, you can’t go wrong with a Window Bug Screen.

Begin with the right truck for you.

Truck camping starts with a great truck that works for your lifestyle. If you’re like most people, you’ll be using your truck for lots of other things too and that’s where a truck expert can help you decide what works for YOU.

At Dye Autos, we have a huge assortment of affordable trucks that are ready to partner with you on your next trip – camping or otherwise. Call us at (303) 286-1665  or get in touch with us using our online form >>here<<.

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