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Duramax, Chevrolet and GMC Horse Power and Torque

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Duramax, Chevrolet and GMC Horse Power and Torque

2006 GMC Sierra Crew LBZ Duramax Diesel for sale by dyeautos.com in Denver


This article is about the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra (GM) pickup trucks mated with Duramax diesel engine with some specifications and history.  The Isuzu and GM coop'd the 6.6l turbo diesel engine design that has put Chevrolet and GMC on the map for consumers and diesel truck lovers.  In 2001, the Duramax turbo diesel was introduced to the GM 3/4 ton, 1 ton trucks and commerical trucks.  In 2004.5, the EPA required a catalytic converters (Cat) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) on the LLY engines.  In 2008, the EPA again required stricter emissions and required the first Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) as well as the Cat/EGR.  In 2011, improvements were made in the emissions systems by the new Urea injection system that didnt hurt performance.

The Allison 1000 automatic transmission has been the in the large amount of GM trucks built with the Duramax however you could order a 2001-2007 GM truck with a ZF S6-650 manual transmission.  Interesting enough, the ZF S6-650 manual transmission ZF Friedrichshafen AG was used in the 1999-2003 Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks previously.  This transmission was discountinued in 2007 by GM.

Chevrolet diesel trucks:


GMC diesel trucks:


2013 GMC Denali Duramax diesel for sale by dyeautos.com in Denver


Duramax diesels with Allison 1000 automatic transmissions
Year.                  Engine  Vin code  HP    Torque   Allison or  ZF S6-650
2001-2003       LB7        1               235    500        5 spd          6 spd man.
2004                  LB7        1               300   520        5 spd          6 spd man.
2004.5               LLY       2               310    520        5 spd          6 spd man.
2005                  LLY       2               310    520        5 spd          6 spd man.
2006                  LLY       2               310    605        6 spd          6 spd man.
2006.5-2007   LBZ       D               360   650         6 spd          6 spd man.
2007.5               LMM    6               365    660        6 spd
2008-2010       LMM    6               365    660        6spd
2011-2016         LML     8               397    765        6 spd
2017                  L5P        Y              445    910         6spd

We always carry serval Chevrolet and GMC trucks with Duramax engine and Allison transmissions.

Chevrolet diesel trucks:


GMC diesel trucks:


2010 Chevrolet Duramax diesel for sale by dyeautos.com in Denver



Here are my sources of information and highly recommended information of Duramax's.




Vehicles with 6.6l duramax diesel engines included but not limited to Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 3/4, 1 ton light duty trucks.

2008 chevrolet LTZ Duramax crew Z71 for sale by dyeautos.com in Denver


Chevrolet diesel trucks:


GMC diesel trucks:


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Diesel Trucks For Sale Denver

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Diesel Trucks For Sale In Denver

diesel trucks for sale denver selectionA fact that most of us are unaware of is that diesel trucks are actually much more advantageous than those that run on gasoline, in a number of ways. While it is true that the fuel is a little more costly than that of normal gasoline in certain regions, even this small difference in prices comes with numerous benefits. It is always advisable for all those first-time buyers to carry out a little research regarding the various sizes and types of diesel trucks for sale in Denver. Those who are mainly in search of vehicles for work-related purposes, or trucks that can carry heavy loads will undoubtedly be impressed by our Denver diesel engine trucks.

If you are looking for suitable Denver diesel trucks for sale, you must visit https://www.dyeautos.com. Here you will definitely be spoiled for choices as you will get to choose from a large number of options – from light-duty vehicles meant for daily use to medium and heavy-duty vehicles meant for working in the farm, or heavy duty commercial trucks for serious tasks.

Here are five major reasons as to why buyers who are planning to buy Denver diesel trucks for sale should depend on none other than Dye Autos:

1. Better Gas Mileage:

Diesel engines are great for those who are looking for excellent gas mileage. They are much more efficient and don’t seem to generate too much wasted heat. Although it is true that diesel fuel is actually a bit more costly than gasoline, the fuel efficiency that a diesel-driven truck acquires totally makes up for this difference in costs. The diesel trucks gain minimum five miles per gallon more than the gasoline trucks with same output!

2. Better Horsepower and Torque:

Gas engines are known to have not as much horsepower per cubic inch than the diesel engines. Furthermore, the diesel engines possess a well-built power band and much more torque. The trucks driven by gas may speed up initially, but the diesel-powered trucks are good at maintaining the power much better during motion. Our Denver Diesel trucks for sale are ideally suited for those who want to bear heavy goods, and it is surprisingly true that they really move faster with a bulky load. It is perfect for you if you are planning to use it for your business or for any other task that involves hauling or towing.

3. Better Engine Longevity

The life span of a diesel engine is usually about three times greater than that of a gasoline engine! While the latter requires to be rebuilt after nearly 125000 miles, the former has the capacity to accumulate around 375,000 miles before being rebuilt. Diesel fuel is usually heavier and possesses its own lubricants. Due to these two factors, there is much less wear and corrosion on the moving parts of the engine. Also, the engine of a diesel truck has very few moving parts compared to a gasoline engine, which makes it very easy to repair. Whenever a person needs to repair something, he will have the choice of saving his money by using reconditioned parts rather than purchasing new ones. Often it is found that a lot of engine life is still left in many used diesel trucks. After all, diesel engines are known for their longevity. Now you understand that diesel engines have better longevity than the petrol ones. So, if you are thinking of buying a used Denver diesel truck and at the same time anxious about the longevity of the engine, you can now move ahead with confidence. If you maintain a diesel truck properly then it would serve you for a really long period of time.

4. Better Reliability

Diesel trucks are not found to have very complicated ignition systems which need a lot of maintenance as is the case with gas trucks. This very fact makes them even more dependable, which is actually a bonus for those searching for a truck for work or recreational related purposes. The high rate of thermal efficiency found in these trucks provides them with greater strength, and almost every diesel truck for sale in Denver can carry nearly four tons without allowing the fuel efficiency to be affected. In case you are planning to drag utility trailers or boat trailers, you will definitely find this beneficial.

5. Improved Engines

There are many people who feel reluctant to purchase Denver diesel trucks for sale due to environmental concerns. However, there is good news! There has been widespread improvement in diesel engines over the recent years. The manufacturers are continuously trying to build engines that generate lesser particulates. A few of the later models that you will find while looking for diesel trucks for sale in Denver are Ford, Dodge and GMC trucks whose engines are designed in such a way that they burn fuel in a cleaner way.

Buying diesel trucks from Dye Autos

Here you will find a huge variety of Denver diesel trucks for sale – from 4×4 to lifted and also many other types. Start by selecting any one category from the main page. Choose the company first and then the model of the truck you are searching for. You will be directed to a page with your desired results. In order to browse all the available vehicles from a particular manufacturer, make sure you have selected the correct name. After entering “Search” you will come across all the available trucks with all necessary details and information about it, including the cost. You may also look for a vehicle based on certain criterias such as mileage, year, and cost. Although one may be a little hesitant to settle for second hand vehicles, Dye Autos are known for selling the most reliable as well as cleanest Denver diesel trucks.


With the option of shopping online, along with a huge variety of choices, purchasing Denver diesel trucks for sale shouldn’t be a problem at all. It has to remembered that the main factor behind a successful purchase is proper communication with the sellers. Dye Autos is family owned and offers the largest selection of diesel trucks hand picked by the owner Scott Dye. Check out diesel trucks for sale here or just give us a call at 303-286-1665.

Dyeautos sells trucks in Denver for great prices and we have easy auto loans!

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Denver diesel pickup trucks for sale, these will definitely come in handy!

By / January 14, 2016 / Comments Off on Denver diesel pickup trucks for sale, these will definitely come in handy!

Denver diesel pickup trucks for sale

diesel trucks for sale

Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge and Ram diesel trucks for sale in Denver

Feeling picnic? Worried about that your car will not be able to carry the extra load? Well, the perfect solution to this kind of problem is a diesel pickup truck. These are easy to drive and has a lot of space, enough to carry the extra load along with you. These are designed to carry heavy loads and is able to do all kinds of commercial work. There are a number of companies which manufacture these type of truck.

The interior of the diesel trucks

The next best thing in these type of pickup truck is the interior. It is designed to provide the maximum level of comfort to the passengers sitting inside it. The environment of the cabin is installed with unique sound installation workings. These prevent the sound from the engine from coming inside the cabin and create disturbance among the passengers.

Engine power of diesel trucks

The vehicle is designed in a way that it can drive along any kind of terrain. The engine power is such that, it can take up of all sorts of heavy duty workload. You will find a number of diesel pickup trucks for sale online. Most of them provide round about 300 horsepower of energy and around 365 foot for torque. Consistent transmission and the control system of the throttle provides a smooth ride in any type of altitude. Maximum tractions and maximum speed is met by the wide tires used in diesel pickup trucks.

By the sound of heavy duty, if you think that rides in diesel trucks are not at all comfortable, and then you are wrong again, these are designed to provide an immense amount of composed and comfortable ride. The steering system is adjustable to the driver as well.

Buy diesel trucks online

The diesel engine is cheaper than most another engine. Thus, buying a diesel pickup truck can turn out to be very economical and useful too. Used diesel truck dealers are very helpful, they sell you their pickup trucks at much lower cost, and if the dealer turns out to be very helpful, you might also get rebates. Diesel trucks for sale in Colorado are very famous. Be rest assured to get the exact kind of truck you have in mind. The most suitable option for buying diesel pickup trucks is from used diesel pickup trucks sale. These are the most visited sites online and the most reliable sites for buying pickup trucks.

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