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Chevy Silverado vs Ford Super Duty Denver Colorado

By / May 28, 2016 / Comments Off on Chevy Silverado vs Ford Super Duty Denver Colorado

The Pickup Wars: Chevy Silverado vs Ford Super Duty Denver Colorado

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When the Silverado and Super Duty, two very powerful pickups, are pitted against each other, it is a close battle. For a long time when it comes to pickup trucks, it has been Ford versus Chevy; it is time to review the changes and see which vehicle comes out on top.

Both the Chevy Silverado and the Ford Super Duty have matchless high performance capabilities, hauling and heavy duty capabilities. Both also run on similar-sized V8 diesel engines. But there are some differences between them that can skew the balance of power, literally, either way. Of course, there are loyalists and enthusiasts who have their favorite, but here’s a look at some of the telling numbers that reveal the more powerful of the two. When it comes to the battle between the Chevy Silverado vs Ford Super Duty Denver Colorado natives should start at the differences.

The Chevy Silverado vs Ford Super Duty Benchmark

There are numerous trim and engine options for both models. For the purpose of this comparison, we’re taking a look at the 2016 Ford F250 Super Duty XL that comes with the option of a 6.7 liter 2nd Generation PowerStroke V8 Diesel engine. We’re also comparing this offering from Ford with the 2016 Chevy Silverado 2500HD, whose predecessors in the Silverado line have won the label of the “Most Dependable Large Heavy Duty Pickup” for two years straight, bestowed by J.D. Power.

General Motors is offering an optional upgrade on the Vortec 6.2L V8 engine on the Silverado, in the form of the 6.6L Duramax engine that brings the power delivered by the two trucks quite close. The Silverado is lighter by a few pounds delivering a steeper torque curve than the Super Duty XL, so overall in terms of numbers the Super Duty comes out as the top performer.

Ford F250 Super Duty XL Diesel

Engine: 6.7L V-8 Power Stroke
· Transmission: TorqShift, 6-speed shiftable Automatic
· Horsepower: 400 hp at 2800 rpm
· Torque: 860 lb-ft at 1600 rpm
· Configuration: Crew cab, SuperCab, dual-rear wheel, four-wheel drive
· Curb Weight: 6589/7001 pounds (full fuel tank in regular cab)
· Axle ratio: 3.55
· Current Price: $32,385 (for Regular Cab)

2016 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Diesel

Engine: Duramax 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8
· Transmission: TorqShift, 6-speed shiftable Automatic
· Horsepower: 397 hp at 3000 rpm
· Torque: 765 lb-ft at 1600 rpm
· Configuration: Regular cab, Double cab, crew cab, four wheel drive, two wheel drive
· Curb Weight: 6279 pounds (full fuel tank in regular cab)
· Axle ratio: 4.10
· Current Price: $35,910 (for Regular cab)

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Chevy Silverado vs Ford Super Duty: Towing & Capacity

Both the Silverado and the Ford Super Duty are formidable towing trucks, making them ideal for local businesses and small construction businesses. Both have a lot to offer in terms of hauling and towing capabilities. The newest Silverado however has come a long way with its powerful engine and towing assistance.

The Silverado 2500HD has special built-in features to assist towing. With the Duramax engine on the 2500HD model, the Silverado can tow 18000 pounds (as compared with the 14800 pounds with the standard 6L Vortec V8 engine). There is the option of installing the Duramax Diesel Exhaust Brake system to reduce the burden on the conventional brake system when traveling downhill.

The Ford Super Duty on the other hand lost points in this area with its 12500 pounds maximum load capacity for conventional towing. With a fifth wheel gooseneck towing setup, it can tow a maximum of a 16600 pounds loaded trailer. Like the Silverado, it has sway control and can carry maximum payloads of 3890 pounds.

Chevy Silverado vs Ford Super Duty: Safety & Technology

Both trucks are designed to be the safest trucks in Denver Colorado and beyond. The Ford Super Duty comes with safety features that include six standard airbags with side and front impact, an AdvanceTrac feature for Roll Stability Control and a safety canopy with a roll-fold technology. The frame of the vehicle is further designed to minimize flexing while making the most of torsional stiffness and strength.

The Silverado is also well-matched in stability with the Trailer Sway control. The Rear Vision Camera further helps in safely backing up the vehicle. The truck comes with multiple updated designs for tying down cargo to the roll-formed steel cargo box. The box has been designed to be far tougher than the stamped steel boxes found in most trucks.

When it comes to the technologies inside each vehicle, both can be used as mobile offices. The Ford offers a series of productivity tools that include:
· SYNC with MyFord or MyFord Touch to enhance safety, and let you connect while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes safely on the road.
· SiriusXM Satellite radio
· LCD Productivity screen, which can be configured by the driver to offer info on towing, fuel economy etc.
· The automatic transmission can be fitted with live-drive PTO (power takeoff) provision for use with tree trimmers, salt spreaders etc.
· The mobile office can be enjoyed in the comfort of contoured “active comfort” seats.

The Silverado also has its impressive list of offerings, which includes:

· A pocket-sized 4G LTE WiFi receiver/transmitter that lets you connect up to seven devices.
· Chevrolet MyLink continues to be offered, accessed through an 8-inch touchscreen. Drivers can make voice-activated commands and sync the app with their smartphones. The OnStar RemoteLink mobile app with RemoteLink Key Fob Services can remotely lock and unlock vehicles, activate horns and lights etc.
· Several USB port, four auxiliary power outlets, wireless charging facilities and an 110V outlet.

The Silverado also has a Forward Collision Alert, Safety Alert Driver Seat and Lane Departure Warning settings to make it safer behind the wheel.

The Verdict

The Ford Super Duty’s 6.7L Power Stroke engine manages to outperform the 6.6L Duramax on the Silverado, with a flatter torque curve. When it comes to towing, the Silverado is a little ahead. In the areas of safety and technologies available to increase connectivity and productivity while you’re on the road, both vehicles are able to stand on their own. The test of power between the two will be close.

Overall, the brutish power and high payload capacity continue to be the hallmarks of the Ford Super Duty, while the Silverado with the Duramax engine option sets itself up as a worthy challenger.

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