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10 Resourceful Ways to Make Extra Money with Your Pickup Truck (Truck sales @ https://www.dyeautos.com)

By Dye Autos / September 13, 2018 / Comments Off on 10 Resourceful Ways to Make Extra Money with Your Pickup Truck (Truck sales @ https://www.dyeautos.com)

resourceful-ways-make-extra-money-with-your-pickup-truck-denver-1A pickup truck is a great thing to have. It’s convenient for home improvement projects and “Honey Do’s.” It’s your sidekick when you go camping. It’s a super comfortable way to transport the family for short trips or long distances. But have you thought about the ways you can make extra money with your pickup truck?

Pickups are the BEST vehicles to own for a side hustle or a small business.

From hauling to delivering, a pickup truck is a versatile piece of equipment that’s got plenty of business opportunities…if you just get a little creative.

Many people are already paying for a pickup truck and even though dealers like us at Dye Autos have lots of affordable pickups, it’s still a monthly expense. But using the following money-making ideas, your pickup can pay for itself – plus some!

You can even turn some of these into a lucrative side hustle or small business for part or full-time income.

1. Get paid to haul stuff away.

Lots of businesses need you to get rid of stuff they don’t need!

Old inventory, broken furniture, dingy office file cabinets, outdated electronics, or even just trash could provide the perfect opportunity for you to make some money.

Pick up what the businesses don’t need and take it to the local recycling center for a fee.

People in your neighborhood also need you, especially if they’re in the process of remodeling their home or going through their storage areas to prepare for a yard sale.

2. Local business deliveries.

Small local businesses could use your help to deliver their products locally. Think flower delivery or mattress delivery. Maybe there are some antique shops in town that can benefit from a person with a pickup who can deliver some larger items to customers?

Or, maybe a pool store could use an extra delivery person to bring materials to a residence.

Check with local businesses and let them know what you can do to help.

3. Wrap your pickup truck.

Make extra money with your pickup truck by using it to advertise a product or service. Using your vehicle as a moving billboard helps to bring exposure to the product, brand, or service advertised.

Check out the many vehicle advertisement companies that pay you handsomely to advertise on your truck. Some of them can even pay you more just to drive your truck to specified high traffic area.

There are many companies that pay pickup truck owners to advertise or promote products or brands. Some contracts with these companies run for 3 to 6 months. One of them is Carvertise and you can check them out here.

4. Haul building supplies.

If you’ve ever visited a building site, there are tons (literally) of materials there. Small construction companies might want to pay for your private delivery services instead of using a large company that may charge more.

You can bring large materials to and from residential and commercial construction zones.

You might consider being available for the cleanup process when it’s time to bring leftover materials to the recycling or trash center.

Now it’s worth noting that there are already lots of businesses that offer this service, but the service only exists because there is a demand for it.

5. Garage sale deliveries.

This is one of the more interesting ways to make extra money with your pickup truck…and it’s a great way to build a client base!

  • Be on the lookout for garage sales in your area. This could be signs around town, the nextdoor app, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.
  • Let people know that you will handle their deliveries for them.
  • Print a flier or business cards and bring them with you on the day of the garage sale.
  • The host can tell their customers about your service when they purchase.

Your service will allow the host to sell more items than they would have because people are more apt to buy when they don’t have to worry about hauling it.

It’s a pretty convenient service to offer. Customers can arrive and do their shopping regardless of their mode of transportation.

6. Offer landscaping services.

As most of us agree, yard work can be time consuming and not always fun.

You can use pickup truck to accomplish basic jobs to regular yard maintenance work like mowing, weeding, pruning, mulching, etc. You might even start a small landscaping service.

Either way, your pickup truck can definitely come in handy for transporting flowers, dirt, rocks, and other landscaping materials.

This type of service can work year-round, like hauling bags of leaves in the fall or plowing snow in the winter!

And speaking of snow….

7. Snow plowing services.

Residents and businesses in the Denver/Wheat Ridge area need you.

This would actually be a truck-based business because it would require an investment in a snow plow attachment for your truck. It could cost one or two thousand dollars, but that’s not too crazy if you are planning on several winter’s worth of snow plowing.

Get the word out by going through the suburbs door-to-door with your services, put up an advertisement at the local gas station or Craigslist, and even use social media share pictures of your work.

8. Large appliance repair pickup and delivery.

Large appliances, like refrigerators and washing machines, sometimes need to be sent off for repair.

But the average person doesn’t have a vehicle large enough to hold them, which means they’ll have to pay extra for transportation.

Here’s where you come in with your truck to save the day!

You can also check with local rental centers and stores that sell appliances to see if they might need a backup delivery person for busy days.

9. Find pickup truck jobs on Shipperoo

Shipperoo is a website where you can apply to make your pickup truck work for you.

You are connected to businesses or individuals who need your truck to move, transport, or haul their equipment, goods, or products from one place to another.

Shipperoo matches you with shippers. Click here to check out Shipperoo

10. Join TaskRabbit to offer delivery services.

The Sharing Economy is upon us so why not leverage it to make extra money with your pickup truck?

Start ‘tasking’ and earn money your way. You’ll be someone’s hero and earn money by helping people.

  • The App notifies of potential jobs nearby
  • Select the one you want to complete
  • Confirm details with your client
  • Complete the work and submit your invoice

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for an affordable pickup truck, give us a call at (303) 286-1665 and check us out online at www.dyeautos.com.  We’ve helped thousands of people get into the truck of their dreams!


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Useful Tips to Make Your Truck Camping Trip Awesome!

By Dye Autos / August 2, 2018 / Comments Off on Useful Tips to Make Your Truck Camping Trip Awesome!

tips-to-make-your-truck-camping-trip-awesome-1There’s a lot of cool things a truck can do like haul your stuff, tow your trailer or boat, and be your work partner. But there’s a great way to “get off the grid” for awhile with truck camping.

Colorado has so much to offer and the best road trips happen in a pickup truck.

The mention of truck camping can elicit weird looks from some people but for those that have tried it, it’s pretty awesome.

If you’ve trekked the most challenging, beautiful trails out there and camped like nobody’s business, you might be tired of camping in the same camping tent all the time and want a change.

If you’re looking for something new and refreshing in the hiking world, it’s time to pack a pickup truck and hit the great outdoors for some truck camping.

For those unfamiliar with the benefits of truck camping, have no fear. We’ve got some compelling tips to introduce you to this new road trip option.

What is truck camping?

Truck camping is simply camping inside your vehicle instead of in a tent, be it a pickup truck with a topper or a simple SUV. Some people prefer roof top tents or pickup truck and canopy combos, but it all stems from your truck as the place you sleep.

Truck camping is super affordable.

Staying in hotels for any length of time can be expensive. Camping isn’t free most places but $25 per night is a steal compared to hotels. You can save your money for dinner and drinks!

The ideal sleeping setup.

There are different truck camping options ranging from a roof top tent, a truck bed camper, a pickup/canopy combo, or even a truck bed tent.

You’ll most likely have sleeping bags or a comforter but if you plan to sleep in the bed, you’ll definitely want something cushy underneath you. A tri-fold mattress is a good choice. It won’t take up a lot of headroom and it will let you sleep comfortably.

Unless the third person is a small child, two is the most you’ll be able to comfortably fit in your truck.

Truck camping beats tent camping.

When compared with tent camping, truck camping has many advantages.

  • If the weather is challenging once you arrive, it’s not going to be fun setting up a tent. Your truck stays nice and dry and requires very little set up.
  • No worries about animals visiting you during the night.
  • Your truck bed is soft and even so you won’t be sleeping on a rock.
  • Trucks are built to keep out noises so it will be more quiet.

Enjoy more time in nature.

Truck camping is one of the best ways to get out there on the road and have a good time. You’ll have experiences you’d never have if you stayed in a hotel or AirBnB.

Think of the adventures you’ll have…and the stories you’ll be able to tell!

Fresh air, rain and bugs.

Two bodies in a vehicle can get pretty warm when the windows are fully closed.  If it’s already warm out, the added heat will make it too hot to sleep in. Two people breathing creates lots of moisture as well. The only way around this is to let fresh air in by having a window open, even if it’s just an inch. The problem is that an inch is a lot when it’s raining, and it’s enough to let bugs of all sizes in as well.

You can solve these problems by adding an Auto Vent Shade:

  • It allows the windows to be cracked without letting the rain get in.
  • It keeps the truck cooler when parked on hot days.
  •  The windows look fully closed because the vent shade hides the fact that they are open at the top.
  • Bugs don’t seem to find their way in with the windows cracked, but if you’re particularly worried about mosquitos or spiders, you can’t go wrong with a Window Bug Screen.

Begin with the right truck for you.

Truck camping starts with a great truck that works for your lifestyle. If you’re like most people, you’ll be using your truck for lots of other things too and that’s where a truck expert can help you decide what works for YOU.

At Dye Autos, we have a huge assortment of affordable trucks that are ready to partner with you on your next trip – camping or otherwise. Call us at (303) 286-1665  or get in touch with us using our online form >>here<<.

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3 Steps to Prepare Your Credit to Buy a Used Pickup Truck

By Dye Autos / May 10, 2018 / Comments Off on 3 Steps to Prepare Your Credit to Buy a Used Pickup Truck

ways-to-get-your-credit-ready-to-buy-a-used-pickup-truck-denver-2If you’re looking to buy a used pickup truck, you’ve undoubtedly done your research in advance about the right model and options. The key to affording your dream ride works the same way: Get your financial situation under control before you make your final purchase decision.

Here are three crucial steps to take that will help you become more informed about your credit and help you set realistic expectations before you get to the dealership.

1. Know your credit score.

If you plan on using financing to buy a used pickup truck, your credit score is key to getting the lowest interest rates. Your credit score is a three-digit number that uses your credit information to assess how risky a borrower you are, and it can significantly influence how lenders decide the terms of your loan.

The higher your credit score, the lower your risk and the lower your interest rate. The lower your credit score, the riskier you are and the higher your interest rates. Be proactive in checking your credit score beforehand so you know where your credit stands before you apply for a loan.

Credit score ranges:

2. Get a free credit report.

When you check your credit score, be sure to focus on where you fall in comparison to other consumers, and what areas of your credit are strong — and what might need some work.

FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Website: You’re entitled to one free copy of your credit report every 12 months from each of the three nationwide credit reporting companies. Order online from annualcreditreport.com, the only authorized website for free credit reports, or call 1-877-322-8228. You will need to provide your name, address, social security number, and date of birth to verify your identity.

3. Take steps to clear any blemishes on your credit.

Everybody wants the best deal possible when they’re ready to buy a used pickup truck. Banks base their financing offers on how well you’ve paid your debts so it’s crucial to clear any negative items off your credit report.


  • One in five Americans are shocked to learn there are errors on their credit report.
  • 79% of consumers who disputed credit report errors were successful in removing them.

If you have any blemishes on your credit report, take steps now to resolve them.

Example: If you’ve got a $48 collection on your report, make every attempt to make it right. If it’s a mistake, call the company and try to rectify it with them first. If that doesn’t produce results, dispute it with the credit reporting agencies. All three – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – have simple forms on their sites for disputes.

If the $48 collection is not a mistake, make every attempt to remedy it, including paying it. You’ll save much more than the $48 in finance charges that lenders will be forced to charge you if you leave it on your report.

Pro Tip: Our finance manager at Dye Autos says, “90% of the collections we see are due to medical charges/fees. Call the company and try to negotiate down the amount you owe and set up a doable payment plan so that things will begin to look more positive.” 

Wrapping it all up…

Are you ready to buy a used pickup truck but need help preparing your credit? We have over 70 years experience in the car and truck financing business and we can help you! Call Dye Autos at (303) 286-1665 or fill out our handy contact form >>here<<.

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