Gear Up for Winter with a 4WD Truck from Dye Autos

tire-tracks-497461_640Gear up! Colorado winters bring a variety of challenges to drivers, ranging from snow to black ice. Unfortunately, not all vehicles are built to handle the extreme weather, which is why it’s important to equip yourself with a 4WD truck.

4WD systems work by splitting the engine power equally between the front and back tires. 4WD systems in trucks are unique because they can use low range gearing, intended to be used in low-speed situations, such as in deep unplowed snow or going up steep hills. Having a 4WD system can come in handy in deep snow and uneven terrain.

Those who live in Colorado, know that we can have some harsh winters. The odds are increasing for a long, snowy winter in Colorado thanks to Super El Nino. Having a truck with 4WD can be safer for you and your family to navigate the roads.

Dye Autos has a variety of 4WD trucks in Denver so no one is left stranded in the snow. With over 100 trucks to choose from, including GMC, Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge, you are sure to find the truck you’re looking for. We are a family owned used car and truck dealership, selling only the best trucks and cars in Denver, Colorado.

Stop by today to see what 4WD truck we have that can help you make it through the winter.